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Book Collector is a book cataloguer with which you can easily sort, rank, and update your book collection no matter how many or what kind of books you have.

Adding books to your list is as simple as entering the ISBN, author, or title and clicking 'Search'. The application will go through online databases to find results based on the ISBN or a list of possibilities according to the title and author. To add the book, just click on it. You can also add books manually if you want.

While the interface might seem overwhelming at first, the sheer number of available features makes all those buttons worth it. For example, you can add personal information to each entry, like your rating of the book or the condition of your copy, just by double-clicking on its name.

Book Collector is a must-have for anyone who has shelves and shelves of books. With it, you can keep a well-organized library and see everything you have at a glance.

You can only add 100 books in the trial version.

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